About us


REMA Corrosion Control is more than just a material supplier, we offer value added services to help meet your corrosion protection requirements. Operating conditions that produce corrosive environments can vary dramatically from plant to plant and process to process. Each specific condition requires individual engineering to determine the most appropriate, cost effective solution to meet the corrosion protection requirements and service life expectations. Because no single product can adequately handle all chemical, temperature and mechanical service conditions, REMA Corrosion Control offers an extensive range of Lining, Coating and Flooring systems that are available in diverse resin chemistries to meet the specific corrosion protection needs of our customers.


Chemical resistance is not the only consideration when evaluating a product or system for recommendation as a suitable corrosion protection solution. It is important to consider other relevant factors and conditions in order to make an appropriate system selection. These are conditions such as application location, environmental conditions, process temperature, mechanical conditions including abrasion, traffic, and wear, as well as down time, monetary constraints, desired service life span, etc. At REMA Corrosion Control we ensure that all available operating conditions are analyzed and any specific limitations and constraints reviewed as part of our product evaluation and recommendation process. Our goal is to provide customers with the most appropriate corrosion protection solutions for their specific needs and to support this effort we offer the following:


  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Quick delivery turnaround
  • Experienced, knowledgeable sales force and support group that represents 40+ years in the corrosion control market dating back to the 1970’s
  • Technical R&D department, both locally and globally, supporting the existing product line, while developing new and improved products
  • Supporting documentation including product information, specifications, installation and repair procedures, special detail drawings, and technical bulletins, etc.
  • Field Technical Support for customers and contractors
  • Standard and Special Warranty options
  • Turnkey services considerations